Naya Foods Empowers The Women Of Morocco


Naya foods strives to provide a win-win solution that helps protect the Argan tree biosphere reserve and supports your health and wellness. We care for the people we work with, the planet we live on, and the welfare of everyone involved.


Our Argan oil is imported from our producers and partners in Morocco who employ and empower about 500 women from 6 different female-run cooperatives and family farmers in Morocco. Fair-trade and sustainable development are the foundation of these cooperatives initiatives. Through fair-trade the women are guaranteed a competitive salary. This fundamental income propels the social status of the women and the cooperatives allow them to escape the isolation they otherwise face.

In addition to their earnings, the women are provided with opportunities for personal growth through education. Some personal growth includes:

  • Advancement in literacy and environmental education programs
  • Business skills
  • Decision-making processes
  • Needed income to support their families
  • Better access to health care
  • An overall better standard of living


It is estimated that three million people who live in rural areas depend on Argan oil for income! Because it has a direct impact on their socioeconomic status, the women take full responsibility of the harvest and production of argan oil. By supporting Naya foods, you are not only benefiting your body, you are contributing to the protection of the argan tree and the empowerment of our women who produce this remarkable oil.

Our partner and suppliers of Argan oil are  certified organic and fair by ECOCERT and meet the international quality standards for an extra virgin oil.

Every year after harvest, the women from the 6 co-ops we work with plant more Argan trees to sustain, maintain, and protect the Argan trees.


Naya foods supports the Moroccan communities that provide our Argan oil and the global community. Please join us in helping make the world a safer, healthier place for all who inhabit it.

Each time you purchase Naya foods product, you are creating a positive economic chain reaction. Just as importantly you're playing a role in helping the amazing women and their families who make your Argan oil . We call this conscious consumerism -- or voting with your dollars -- because each of us has the power to make positive change and create a more prosperous future.