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Experience Food with the Taste of Morocco

Experience Food with the Taste of Morocco

One of the main things that greatly contribute to the experience of traveling to Morocco is their intriguingly mouth-watering cuisine which is a deliciously exotic combination of Andalusian Spain, France, and Arabia.

Spicing Things Up

Once you step foot into the old souks and medinas of their imperial cities, the first thing that greets your entrance to their alleys is the bright colors and the strong aromatic scent of their spices. These are the areas where the Moroccan cuisine takes root, and where the people’s utter love for food is most apparent.

Moroccans are among the many people that combine a good number of spices in a single dish, and one of their most known mixture, the ras el hanout, is used on almost all of their dishes with a total of 27 spices. Commonly used daily are cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, paprika saffron, coriander, ginger, mace, garlic cloves, and cayenne pepper. They also use a number of herbs including oregano, peppermint, sage, and bay laurel.

A Feast of Unconventional Flavors

The Moroccan taste is also quite particular with their pastries having rich taste. Bread, being their staple food, even comes with various types namely khobz, baghrir, and msemen, depending on how they are prepared. Whole grain bread with a coarse texture is common in their bakeries as well as pulled pan-fried unleavened bread.

Aside from their generous use of spices and flavorings, their dishes are typically meat-based with beef, chicken, lamb, and mutton in the urban zones and seafood on the coastal areas. These can be served with the more famous couscous and tagine.

It must be noted that there is a heavy restriction with pork consumption due to the main religious practices. Other must-haves when going around on a food trip would be their spiced pastillas, the savory and thick bissaras and hariras, and their aromatic brochettes or skewers.

Meal-time Structure

Moroccans have a great love for food, both in preparing them and consuming them. They also observe order when taking their meals, and they would start with a light but tasty salad which can be hot or cold.

The main course then follows which mainly consists of the meat-based dished paired with a thick soup or a bissara and is eaten with tagine or couscous. Bread is a constant in every meal, and it will sometimes be used as a utensil for scooping food or sauces.

Many say that Moroccan cuisine is an acquired taste, but what people who rarely travel don’t understand is how this is a reflection of their love for companionship. So when you’re in Morocco, commune with the people, and enjoy the food they heartily prepared.

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